Saturday in Boone, North Carolina

On November 12th my parents and I traveled to Boone, North Carolina to visit our middle brother who goes to Appalachian State. His birthday is coming up on the 17th but instead of waiting until next weekend to visit him we decided to celebrate early. Plus he has a Ultimate Frisbee tournament. Yes, he’s on the App State Ultimate Frisbee team, pretty cool right?!

My family and I left our house around 8 am because Logan’s, my 2nd oldest brother, first game started at 10 am. Once we arrived we unpacked the car, put down our blankets and lawn chairs and watched their game. They played 3 games today, won all of them, and will be going into the championship bracket the next day. The best part of the game was watching all of the different teams and their uniforms. This is their off-season, meaning people made random groups and weren’t taking it very seriously.


After we watched their first game my parents and I went to walk Kings street. We luckily found parking on the street and started our walk. Our first stop was the Mast General store. This is by far my favorite place to go in Boone. They have brands from True Grit to Yeti to every candy you could ever imagine. 10/10 would recommend this be your first stop in Boone.


After Mast we crossed the street to and walked into a few more stores. The Art Walk was a favorite of mine. There were some very unique items that were made by artists in and around Boone. The store is moving locations in December and a lot of items were on sale. I also picked up a few Christmas/ Birthday gifts while I was there. The next store we went into was an App State apparel store. I’ve been to Boone several times but always forgot to get a shirt, but not today. I just picked up one long sleeved, yellow T-shirt with a grey mason jar design on the back.

Around noon we went to the cutest coffee shop for lunch. It was called the Bald Guy Brew on Kings Street. My father and I both ordered Hummus wraps with tomatoes and Thai slaw. I had mine with a Latte and potato salad(although I did not eat any of it, I gave it to my mom) and he had green tea to drink and chicken curry soup as his side. My mother had a plain bagel with veggie cream cheese with a water. I think its safe to say this will be our go-to place to eat next time we come up.


After we ate we headed back to the fields to watch my brother play his last game of the day. We got there right in time to watch them beat the alumni, making their record for the day 3-0! Once they finished we let him open a few birthday presents before we headed off to eat.

For dinner my brother picked the Coyote Kitchen. We have family that owns a cabin in Boone and this is where they always go so we figured we had to try it. It was very cute but on the smaller side. The people there were very friendly and I can definitively see myself going here again. I ordered the Mesa Verde bowl, half, without the mushrooms and an order of sweet potato fries. It was delicious!

Once we finished eating we headed over to Walmart to pick some things up for my brother. almost 40 minutes later we said our goodbyes, dropped him off at his dorm and hit the road back home.

Much Love, Paige Savannah.


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