Fall Wish List

Not going to lie but the only reason I enjoy fall is because of the adorable clothing. Here are a few thing I hope to acquire before this season ends!


Bean Boots

These are L.L.Bean Boots, 8″ in Tan/Brown. I started noticing them when I was a Sophomore in high school but never came to a conclusion on whether I liked them enough to purchase them. I am hoping to pick them up this season before the get back ordered (which happened to me last year).

Pair 1  Pair 2

Grey/Taupe booties are next up on my wish list. I do currently own a pair on black booties(pictures in the Game Day post) and i’m in LOVE with them. The only problem I have though is when I want to wear my navy flannel and it’s too cold for sandals. I think owning a pair of grey booties is an essential for fall wardrobes

Vest 1   Vest 2

Vests on Vests! Vests are the perfect piece to throw over any outfit for a day that is not too cold. You can also dress these up or down. They can go over a nice button up with a pair of booties for dinner or over a long sleeve t-shirt with leggings for school.

Watch 1  Watch 2

Yes a watch! Believe it or not I don’t own a watch. I bought one last year from Charming Charlies because I was unsure if I would wear it that much. Luckily I did not splurge on an expensive one because a month after I purchased it the face shattered! I see myself grabbing for it even though the face is shattered so I know I would get the use out of one again. Without breaking it this time!


Southern Shirt CO

You can never have enough long sleeve t-shirt in your closet! A t-shirt paired with a vest, leggings and bean boots is the PERFECT fall outfit! You look cute while still being comfortable from head to toe. There are so many brands and so many prices for long sleeve t-shirts. Some brands are Southern Marsh, Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper.


True Grit

The last thing on my wish list is a true grit. This may not be every bodies cup of tea but it is mine. These are meant to be over sized and comfortable. My tip for any one looking to purchase one of these gems is to shop around first because they can range from $120-$150.

Leave a comment letting me know what you are hoping to purchase this fall season! I love hearing about other’s wish lists!

Much Love, Paige Savannah.


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